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    Ralf Beie


      in May a had a few dais a basic subscription because I wanted to give TOS a second chance. In the end I switched to Proxmox and cancelled may subscription (wich should be free for some dais by teh way).

      So I was quite surprised today whan I got a message from Paypal, that I will be charged for a basic subscription started 9th may 2024.

      I just logged in here and when I look at my membership, I have none of the chargebale membership variants.

      So, what`s going on there?

      Would You please confirm, that i have no menbership with any kind of subscription and stop to debit me via Paypal!

      If you stop it, it would be ok. Keep the 9 Euro as support for your work. But don’t explain the charging chaos with a buggy plugin (as you do normaly in the posts). If this piece of software doesn’ t work correctly, don’t use it at all.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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