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    delprat sebastien
      NB: pb solved by uninstalling ModBase1, rm -rf the /usr/local/ModeBase1 folder and installing it again.
      It remains a “strange” behavior, but I’m not qualified to understand what happened there.
      I’m using version ModBase 1.00.16. On a F2-221 with TOS 5.1.24, when I click on “add to path”, the application is not added to the Path : the UI panel shows “ModBase1 is not available in PATH ” and ModBase1 is not found by both ffmpeg51 and jellyfin (indicating that the modbase1 has not been added to the path).

      I ssh into the system and checked the folders. /usr/local/ModBase1/sys/ exists but there is no “bin” folder inside, just a “lib/dri/…” subfolders.
      Also, the web ui is not accessible (even after starting the module into the GUI) (the UI panel said that ). I also rebooted the NAS, but it did not changed anything.

      Thanks for your help



        this forum is only for subscription issues.

        Post in the right forum for App support


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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