How to install and use ttyd app (share your terminal over web)

In this tutorial i will explain how to install and use the ttyd app to share your terminal over web.

Using this app, you can use any modern browser to access your NAS terminal from any device.

The app will launch the terminal using the master user

As this is an advanced app, make sure you will not type any harmfull command that can lead to data loss.

Use this app at your own risk and eventually disable it when you don’t use it.

Download the app for your specific platform using this link

Login to your NAS and go to App Center > Settings. Click on the yellow folder and select the file downloaded on the previous step. Then click on Open to upload the file for installation

Once the package is loaded, click on Confirm to start the installation

After the installation is done, the app icon will be created on the Desktop. Click on it to open the app WebUI or search for it on the Installed apps and click on the icon or name

After the first installation, go on the meniu Configuration Files > Edit option and change the username and password to access the web terminal

Default username:password are terra:terra. Click on Apply after you change them and the app will restart itself

After the config file is saved and the app is restarted, go to Home and click on Web Interface to launch the webterminal

Type your username and password and click on sign in

now you can type any command, as example id to find the username id and group id for the current user
you can also type id username to find the username id and group id for a specific user (replacing username in the command with the specific user)

We’ll need this uid and gid for docker containers installation. As default should normally be uid=0 and gid=0 for the master user

TOS6 was released to users part of the insider preview program

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