How to create a database using phpMyAdmin

This guide will explain how to create a database to be used with apps like Nextcloud_okm, FileRun, Ampache5 etc.
We presume MariaDB app is installed and running, i will not cover it in this guide.

Open phpMyAdmin interface from MariaDB webUi.

Login with user root and your defined password (if you create one before)

Once loged in, go to User Accounts then Add user account

Type the name of the new user to be used with the new database, choose a password and check the option Create database with same name and grant all privileges.

Then scroll down at the bottom and click on Go

The new database has been created can be used

Go to your app config that require a mysql database and fill in the info (app FileRun here as example)

For hostname always use and port 3307

Installation completed

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